Angels Among Us

Posted on 12/09/2020 2:20 pm  /   December 2020

In the spirit of the Holiday Season, we're taking a moment to share stories of those who bring us joy and happiness - not only at this time of year, but every day of the calendar.

Jake sharing his treasures.

Judy Julius, Jake & Cooper

Judy Julius of EEO Consulting is the proud Mom of Jake. He joined the office staff in September after graduating from Missouri’s Puppies for Parole program.

He was surrendered to a shelter and quickly sent to the Ozark Correction Center where he received six weeks of training by an inmate. The program gives the inmates skills, the dogs good behaviors and the new owners a fantastic dog. Jake is mostly a yellow lab, but his tail is probably shepherd. Jake is just over one year old, so he still has a lot of puppy in him.

He loves to bring Judy her husband’s shoes. Jake also likes to sit right behind Judy’s chair so she can’t back up, and to let her know when anyone in the neighborhood is getting a delivery.

Judy is also the proud grandma of Cooper, a chocolate lab. Cooper is the proud mascot for the retention committee, so if you don’t renew your membership on time, he will let you know how much you are missed. When Cooper visits, he likes to sit under the desk so that Judy cannot reach the keyboard.
Cooper under the desk helping me work

Tammy & Rascal relaxing at home.

Tammy McAllister & Rascal

Let me introduce you to Rascal McAllister! Rascal, a Yorkshire Terrier, joined Tammy McAllister’s (of Milliman Consulting) family in 2008 and quickly became king of the house!

He is a big Yorkie (14 lbs!) and has become very independent, confident and courageous just like his Momma! Rascal has loved having Mommy home during Covid-19 as each day begins with a 2-mile walk.

While Mommy is consulting employers on best practice strategies for their employee benefits programs, Rascal takes naps in the sun close by. He’s usually pretty quiet until the Amazon delivery guy shows up or someone comes to visit and then he’s super protective of his family.

Tammy, her husband, Tim, and Rascal all live in Chesterfield.

Angela Williams & Chimmey

Angela Williams with the MOST 529 Education plan is the unexpected parent of this little furry rodent, a once unwelcomed, but now highly adored squirrel.

No no, you can’t pet it, but since Angela’s youngest son left for college this fall, she found herself an empty nester. Much to her surprise, the nuisance sounds of squirrel feet running up and down her gutters, now brings her a chuckle and a warm feeling inside.

Chimmey enjoying breakfast on the roof.

Chimmey, as she fondly calls him disappeared over the summer after her owner thought she’d shored up all of the roof entry points.

To Angela’s modest delight, this fall she heard the pitter patter of little feet and the chewing (eek)! Angela smiled and thought, “well, I guess I’m not alone after all!”

Visiting early mornings, Chimmey serves as Angela’s alarm clock. They enjoy breakfast together; a dark roast and bagel for her—and black walnuts from the yard for Chimmey, sigh... Angela is so happy to be putting my roofer’s children through college too.

Angela and Chimmey own a sweet little craftsman in Maplewood, MO. Perhaps she should open a MOST 529 account for him.

Anne snuggling up with Sweet Dee.

Anne Brackett & Sweet Dee

Anne Brackett of Strengths University has been a puppy parent to Sweet Dee for the past 8 years. Sweet Dee is a Pug-Pekingese mix who enjoys treats, second breakfasts, tummy rubs, and more treats. Despite her fluffy exterior, she can also be a vicious predator both to her many stuffed critter toys and the neighborhood bunnies.

Anne and Sweet Dee live in Florissant but love to visit our friends and family (when there’s not a pandemic) for extra treats and snuggles.

Alicia Wojciuch & Tank

Alicia Wojciuch of Strengths University just recently introduced puppy, Tank, into her family. Evidently, chocolate labs are fast growing breeds. He’s already twice as big as he is in this picture! Alicia and Tank live in St. Charles with his two human brothers.

Tank enjoys chewing on all his awesome new toys, exploring his new house and neighborhood, and wrestling with his brothers.

Alicia and the much smaller puppy, Tank.

Gus, "It looks like a Christmas Tree, right?"

Andrew Metcalf & Gus

Andrew Metcalf at Ogletree Deakins is the proud parent of Gus, a domestic shorthair cat whose hobbies are shedding on Andrew’s stuff, chasing the red dot from the laser pen, and plotting escapes out the front door as Andrew grabs the mail.

Gus thoroughly enjoys sitting on Andrew’s lap during their Zoom calls with clients. When it comes time for Andrew to type an email or legal brief, Gus reliably plops down own top of the keyboard.

Gus and Andrew live in Dogtown.

Paul Fels & Reilly

At Ascentis, Paul Fels has quite the office assistant! Only this assistant doesn’t make things easier, because she’s a wild child!

Reilly is a 7-month-old German Shorthair Pointer that was name after Ryan O’Reilly, who helped the Blues bring home our first Stanley Cup! She comes from a long line of hunting dogs and has more energy than Ameren themselves! (see what I did there?! 😊 )

She is still learning the difference between her toys and dad's $100 headphones, shoes, or really anything of importance... I’m hopeful we get there soon, but she makes up for it with her affection and “ignorance of personal space”, as she is the epitome of a lap-dog!

Reilly is practicing "retrieve"
getting ready to hunt.

With a little luck and a lot of training, she’ll be my hunting buddy starting in 2021!

Alex Rigazio & Ronald

Alex Rigazio at Ascentis is a loving Dachshund dad to Ronald.

Alex rescued Ron from an unsafe home when he was about one year old. Seven years later, Alex and Ron are attached at the hip!

Ron likes: “people food,” hiking trails, belly rubs, immediately removing the squeaker from the toy, burrowing under the covers, licking faces, and talking to squirrels. Ron dislikes: the rain, long grass, mud, geese, baths, and when larger dogs do not practice social distancing.

Ron enjoying a warm spring hike.

Alex and Ron reside in the South Hampton (SOHA) neighborhood.

Dakota saying, "Mr. Camera, catch this!"

Maggie Peterson & Dakota

Dakota is 3-year-old Miniature American Sheppard and completely owns his mom, Maggie Peterson at Maggie’s Writing Service.

This working dog brings home the dough by running agility, competing in obedience, heeling in rally and finding fun smells for scent work.

When he’s not running and jumping, Dakota rests in Maggie’s office, her muse and inspiration. But watch out because he’s also fond of photo bombing Zoom calls.