One Member's Secret to Mixing Fun & Work on the Office Video Call

Posted on 12/09/2020 12:17 pm  /   December 2020

Screen time is no longer synonymous with fun time.

Millions of office workers reminisce of theaters with huge leather chairs, letting their bodies stretch out while their fingers dive for popcorn nirvana. Those were the days, my friends, and they will return. In the meantime, adding a dash of novelty to video meetings may be required to preserve our collective mental health.

Let’s start with Snap Camera. It’s a free extension that works with Google Meet. The enhancement filters are work appropriate. These filters brighten and smooth facial features for those early morning or end of the day meetings. In case you need a favorite - top filter picks are Smooth or Peachy.

Snap Camera can summon butterflies to flutter around your head or add sun kissed freckles to your face. But while those filters are fun and entertaining, they are not professional for most work meetings.

Virtual Happy Hours need a boost to keep them fresh. Using themes and a dedicated host is a good start. Here’s a few themes to get the party started:

Theme 1 - Photo contest. Have participants email the designated host a high school, childhood, or pet photo. During the event, the host scrolls through the photos while participants guess who the picture belongs to. Glory day stories are sure to spring up and laughter inevitably follows.

Theme 2 - Trivia Night! The trivia can be specific to an industry or pop culture, almost anything goes. The best host is one that is prepared, which makes the event go smoothly. Highlights include a festive host hat, and questions that include movie and music clips. Winners get bragging rights.

Theme 3 - Virtual Food Tasting. A tasting is a smart way to create a shared experience. Think chocolate, cheese, or other treats. An educational component is optional or simply a guided event. Participants receive a mini shopping list in advance, or the host can mail the treats out as a gift.

Get creative, be bold and be brave to engage your audience. We are all exploring and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in our virtual worlds.

Heidi Schoen
StraightUp Solar
Director of Employee Experience