Our Furry Heroes

Posted on 11/05/2020 3:14 pm  /   November 2020

This November we wanted to take a moment to recognize some of our MVPs. These heroes are with us everyday and we love having them. We hope you enjoy meeting them.

Paul Fels and Reilly

At Ascentis, Paul Fels has quite the office assistant! Only this assistant doesn’t make things easier, because she’s a wild child! Reilly is a 7-month-old German Shorthair Pointer that was named after Ryan O’Reilly, who helped the Blues bring home our first Stanley Cup! She comes from a long line of hunting dogs and has more energy than Ameren themselves! (see what I did there?! 😊)

She is still learning the difference between her toys and dads $100 headphones, shoes, or really anything of importance... I’m hopeful we get there soon, but she makes up for it with her affection and “ignorance of personal space”, as she is the epitome of a lap-dog! With a little luck and a lot of training, she’ll be my hunting buddy starting in 2021!

Alex Rigazio and Ronald

Alex Rigazio at Ascentis is a loving Dachshund dad to Ronald. Alex rescued Ron from an unsafe home when he was about one year old. 7 years later, Alex and Ron are attached at the hip! Ron likes: “people food,” hiking trails, belly rubs, immediately removing the squeaker from the toy, burrowing under the covers, licking faces, and talking to squirrels. Ron dislikes: the rain, long grass, mud, geese, baths, and when larger dogs do not practice social distancing. Alex and Ron reside in the South Hampton (SOHA) neighborhood.

Maggie Peterson and Dakota

Dakota is 3-year old Miniature American Sheppard and completely owns his mom, Maggie Peterson at Maggie’s Writing Service.
When he’s not running and jumping, Dakota rests in Maggie’s office, her muse and inspiration. But watch out because he’s also fond of photo bombing Zoom calls.