Working Together, Virtually Anywhere

Posted on 11/05/2020 3:19 pm  /   November 2020

These last several months have provided challenge after challenge in terms of staying connected while working apart. For many, the migration to remote work hasn’t been an easy one.

The battle between staying productive while navigating the trials of working outside the office is exhausting with new layers of stress we’ve never had to face before. As if simply figuring out how to do your job from your kitchen table wasn’t frustrating enough, many employees are feeling the effects of being isolated from their teams. But it doesn’t have to be all work and no play.

With a little thought and planning, simple virtual activities can unite employees, boost moral and combat some of the feelings of isolation they may be feeling. Here are a few ideas to help you work together and have a little fun, virtually anywhere:

  • Virtual Coffee Talk – Consider starting each morning with an invitation to your team to connect and share a quick, 10 to 15-minute, cup of coffee. Keep the conversation casual and light. You may even consider asking a question of the day to build trust and learn more about your peers.
  • Virtual Happy Hour – Hold an after work virtual happy hour event to provide social interaction and networking opportunities for your team. Consider inviting vendors, customers or business partners to join in on the fun. Introduce your pet, ask for help with your child’s third grade math homework and laugh about the technical difficulties you had during your Zoom presentation.
  • Virtual Spirit Week – Plan a Virtual Spirit Week and create a fun recap video. This can be a great option for split workforces. Employees, whether in-person or remote, can participate and send photos.
  • Virtual Trivia Night – This is a great way to bring your team together and do some good in your community. Many nonprofit organizations have had to re-think their fundraising strategy and virtual trivia is a great teambuilding activity.

Lastly, if planning a fun virtual event for your team isn’t in your wheelhouse, consider scheduling time to have intentional check-ins and conversations. Just letting someone know you are thinking about them and care about their wellbeing as a human being can build relationships and create connection. Reach out, ask how they are doing and be vulnerable about your own struggles.

We may be working apart, but we are all in this together. So why not have a little fun along the way.

Kacie Alexander, SHRM-CP
Employee Engagement Manager
1st Financial Federal Credit Union